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iPad Moves a Million Units in a Month, Hacker of Palin's E-Mail Found Guilty

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....

  • Apple moved 300,000 iPads during the gadget's first Saturday on the market, and sales have certainly remained steady since. This past Friday, a mere 28 days after the device's release, Apple claims a consumer officially nabbed the millionth iPad. By comparison, the iPhone didn't reach that milestone until its 74th day of existence. [From: Engadget]
  • The FBI raided the home of the suspected Sarah Palin e-mail hacker two years ago, and a decision has finally been reached in the subsequent court case. A grand jury found former college student David Kernell guilty on separate charges of obstruction of justice and unauthorized access to a computer, rulings which could result in a 20-year prison sentence. It seems a little harsh, and hypocritical, for merely releasing helicopter-hunting and beauty pageant tips. [From: Ars Technica]
  • The highly anticipated beta release of 'Halo: Reach' arrives today, and Xboxic is providing simple instructions on how to get in the game. Despite the excitement over the title, the newest installment in the 'Halo' franchise has been somewhat marred by corporate bickering and claims of backstabbing executives. According to the Financial Times, officials with Activision and Infinity Blizzard are engaged in a war of words, using 'Halo' hyperbole like "steal the studio" and "held hostage." [From: Xboxic and The Financial Times]
  • Google has reportedly acquired BumpTop, a firm that designs impressive 3-D touchscreen technology for desktops. Google's intentions for the software still remain mysterious, but a video clearly demonstrates the exciting capabilities of the mouse-free, hands-on, "innovative desktop workspace" action. [From: Tech Radar]
  • Apple's disturbing morph from industry outsider to a smarmy, smug and patronizing corporate entity continues to draw the ire of observers and technology pundits. That cavalier and somewhat hypocritical attitude is now attracting the attention of the Feds, as well, as both the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice are reportedly investigating the possibility of an antitrust inquiry into Apple's exclusionary programming policy. [From: The New York Post]
  • After being humiliated on an international scale, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez recently adopted a new Twitter stance and joined the micro-blogging service. Not only has Chavez joined the "tool of terror," he is now touting its benefits and has urged Bolivian president Evo Morales and Cuban Fidel Castro to begin tweeting with him. [From: The Huffington Post]

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