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Murdoch's Sun Newspaper Goes 3-D for 2010 World Cup

According to Media Week, The Sun will become the first national newspaper to publish in 3-D this summer. In preparation for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa beginning on June 11th, the Rupert Murdoch-owned British rag will publish with an extra dimension (requiring those snazzy, headache-inducing red and cyan glasses) in the June 5th issue.

Of course, it's not just soccer stories, images and ads getting the 3-D treatment. The Sun's notorious Page 3 girl also gets the retro anaglyph look. We don't think we'd purchase a 3-D newspaper even if it commemorated our favorite American football team winning the Super Bowl, especially with ESPN announcing announced earlier this year it was debuting a true 3-D channel with the World Cup as the debut event.

Gimmicky? Absolutely, but The Sun is ramping up distribution by thousands for this special issue. If nothing else, all those extra copies could be used to start riot fires after England fails to win the World Cup -- once again. [From: Media Week, via: The Guardian]

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