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eBay Pulls Kevorkian 'Death Van' Listing

eBay Pulls Kevorkian
It's been said there is nothing you can't find online. That point was driven home by Jack Finn, a retired used auto parts dealer who somehow came to posses the 1968 Volkswagon van used by Dr. Jack Kevorkian during his run of performing assisted suicides in the '90s. Finn, in an effort to clear out room in his warehouse, has put the infamous van up for auction on eBay.

By Monday afternoon, when the listing finally came to the attention of the online auction site, bidding had reached $3,400 for the severely deteriorated vehicle. Citing its policy against so-called "murderabilia," eBay removed the listing. The company sent Finn an e-mail explaining that it "does not allow the sale of items closely associated with notorious murderers within the last 100 years."

Finn, in comments to the Associate Press, seemed largely unperturbed by the removal of his listing. He said simply, "I don't run eBay, Craigslist or the world." We're sure the high-profile news coverage will help Finn move the water-damaged safety hazard. Some creepy murderabilia collector will surely track him down, and offer a sizable chunk of change for it. [From: Associated Press]

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