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Geocities-izer Revives Dead Web Host in All Its Animated GIF Glory

For 15 years, GeoCities allowed everyday folks to easily create and design their own personal Web pages, but the service was officially laid to rest last October. While the 'Cities may be gone, it is certainly not forgotten. With a little guidance from the Internet mediums at Wonder-Tonic, nostalgic nerds can now revisit the legendary site host through a ghostly, beyond-the-grave homage.

Simply type in the name of your favorite (or least favorite) Web site, and Wonder-Tonic's Geocities-izer will make it "look like it was made by a 13-year-old in 1996." Apparently, the guestbooks were solemnly non-resuscitable, but, despite that lamentable absence, the flashbacks are definitely fantastic. The New York Times and YouTube currently reign as fan favorites, but make sure you also check out Switched for some "eye-searing" '90s awesomeness. (Hope you like yellow.) [From: Wonder-Tonic]

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