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Gamers Refuse to Turn Off Xboxes, Keep Playing 'Halo 2' Online

Back in February, Microsoft announced that it planned to end Xbox LIVE support for its original console. Then, in March, the company offered some consolation prizes to loyal Xbox gamers. Now, the deadline has come and gone, but, naturally, a group of avid gamers has found a way to skirt the system.

According to Eurogamer, about 20 gamers who were playing 'Halo 2' simply refrained from turning off their consoles on April 15th, which has allowed them to keep playing the game online. But, as you can imagine, the numbers have dwindled. Not because they can't stand up to this marathon gaming session, but because their consoles can't last. Overheated Xboxes and lost network connections ended a few gamers' online 'Halo 2' days, but according to Geekosystem, there were still 16 loyalists playing the game online as of Sunday afternoon.

We're not sure if Microsoft will boot these folks or just let them ride out in a blaze of glory (or in a smoke-filled room from an overheated console). However, we applaud their effort, dedication and moxie -- or insanity, depending on how you look at it. [From: Eurogamer, via: Geekosystem]

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