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Californian Bikers Facing Cell Phone Ban

California banned texting while driving a motor vehicle more than a year ago, but now, one lawmaker wants to extend this ban to include cyclists. According to NPR, State Senator Joe Simitian drafted a law, which is currently in the Senate, that would make it illegal to use a cell phone while riding a bike. This ban seems like common sense to us, but, of course, reactions have been mixed. "These fools be swerving, and they be doing their little texting thing," DeAndre Sims, a San Francisco resident, complained to NPR. Others, like cyclist Jessie Daniel, see the proposed law as a bit excessive. "If you're going to ban it while biking, you might as well ban it while walking," he told NPR. Simitian said that very topic (which, we think, is a little absurd) did come up while drafting the law.

But really, dodging traffic, potholes and pedestrians while biking around town is hard enough. Nobody needs a cell phone, rather than the road, glued to his ear or eyes. Plus, if cyclists want to share the streets, they should have to abide by the same laws as other travelers. If that means coming to a stop to use a cell phone, then so be it. [From: NPR]

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