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Researchers Show Off Bendable Projection Screen for Mobile Gaming

According to New Scientist, the future of handheld video games might be a thin, bendable screen combined with a small projector. Zi Ye and Hammad Khalid of the Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Ontario showed off their gaming system, dubbed Cobra (.pdf link), last week at Atlanta's Computer-Human Interaction meeting.

The gamer wears a small shoulder pouch, which houses a computer and a projector. The game's images are displayed on a small screen which looks like a simple sheet of paper, but fitted with flex-sensing wires and other sensors. So when the gamer bends or shakes the pliable screen, those signals are wirelessly sent to the computer resting on his shoulder. In the paper, they describe how you could use the bendable screen to interact with a game: "For example, grabbing hold of a corner of the board, bending it back, and releasing it can be used to shoot an arrow, cast a fishing line, or swing a golf club."

The mounted projection system is a curious concept, though we're wondering if it can survive in the gaming market with Nintendo pushing 3-D as the future of mobile gaming. [From: New Scientist and Queen's University Human Media Lab]

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