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DJ Uses Two iPads, Mixer and Some Apps to Make Mad Beats

Using only two iPads, some applications and a standard mixer, Rana Sobhany claims to be the world's first iPad DJ. That's right, she doesn't need any vinyl, synthesizers or laptops. All the music, sounds and effects she uses are pulled from iPad apps -- like Groovemaker House, Looptastic HD, iDaft, AC-7 Pro, Pianist Pro and Sonosaurus Rex -- all of which are stored on the device. So, rather than carry clunky equipment to a gig, Sobhany just needs her tablets, which will fit easily inside a backpack. Not only does this system make getting to a show easier, but it's much cheaper than a typical DJ setup, too. Sobhany says she spent about $1,200, while she claims a laptop-based setup could cost about $3,500. "I'd say if you want to try DJing, this is the way to go," she said in a video, which you can see after the break.

We don't expect the iPad to revolutionize the beat-making business. After all, most of these apps come preloaded with standard sounds. But for somebody that wants to DJ as a hobby, or to throw a killer house party, Apple's "magical" tablet might be the best (and certainly the cheaper) option. [From: Gizmodo]

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