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New $100 Bill Brings Holograms, Counterfeiting Prevention to ol' Ben

Well, the U.S. Treasury Department is at it again. We all remember when paper money last changed -- when the locket-sized portraits of the presidents blew up into those off-center, plus-size cartoons we now have, and when all those watermarks and "security strips" started to make a $20 bill look like the Las Vegas strip. While we have missed the stately symmetry of those old bills, though, we certainly haven't missed handing one to a cashier only to have it handed back as a counterfeit.

Thankfully, the Treasury is continuing to stay a step ahead of would-be counterfeiters, and has unveiled its new design of the $100 bill (video after the break). Festooned with color-shifting images, watermarks, holographic strips and -- of course -- that weirdly large Ben Franklin, this bill is making out with the space age, while its predecessor only flirted with it. (Or, we guess it's as futuristic as it can be in an era when the vast majority of our purchases, at least, are made on plastic rather than paper). [From: The Awl]

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