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Thugs Snatch iPad and Man's Pinkie Finger

Thugs Snatch iPad and Man's Finger
We know that the iPad is the hot new gadget out right now, but we were unaware that getting your grubby fingers on one might be worth permanently disfiguring someone else's. Sadly a pair of thugs, while stalking gadget shoppers at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, had no issue with literally ripping the pinkie off of Bill Jordan, who was there to buy the Apple tablet, as a gift and at the behest of his employer, no less.

Jordan, who admitted to his local CBS affiliate that he didn't quite understand the public's fascination with the iPad, was descending one of the mall's staircases when he was attacked from behind by the thieves. When one of them tried to snatch Jordan's Apple Store shopping bag, the handles caught on his pinkie. The muggers yanked so hard that the string handles stripped the skin, flesh and tendons right off of Jordan's finger. He was then rushed to the hospital, where doctors were forced to amputate the finger.

The thieves were identified on the mall's surveillance cameras and police plan to release footage of the attackers soon. Hopefully, these dangerous degenerates will soon be found, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. [From: CBS Denver and KDVR, via: Engadget]

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