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Undercover Actresses Flaunt Their 'MackBerries' in New Marketing Scheme

Way back in 1998, 'The Truman Show' provided a revealing, and prescient, glimpse into the burgeoning world of reality television and surreptitious marketing techniques. Annoying and (sometimes) sneaky product placements are certainly not a new phenomenon, but the advertising scheme has almost reached ubiquitous Truman-esque status as it has expanded to corrupt almost all aspects of daily life.

According to the New York Daily News, BlackBerry recently joined the ranks of nefarious placement perpetrators with a troubling, and alluring, new practice. The company has apparently hired charming temptresses to act as innocent pedestrians in order to entice unwitting, smitten males to play with the vixens' Pearl smartphones.

One actress paid to portray such a character told the News, "We would just walk into bars, whip out our BlackBerries and try to get guys to look at them by flirting." The scheme could even be utilized to harvest phone numbers for telemarketing, as the victims sometimes entered their digits into the "MackBerries" in apparent hopes of receiving an inevitably nonexistent booty call.

The marketing movement may seem overly underhanded, but it won't take long for the target audience to recognize the sexy shills. After all, while guys may be single-minded and predictable, they're not all dumb. And, even though some get played, dudes certainly know how to play (and enjoy) the game, too. [From: New York Daily News and The Awl]

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