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Ukrainian Journalist Becomes First Person to Tweet Underwater

We've already told you about the first tweet sent from outer space, and, according to Tech Crunch, a Ukrainian journalist recently became the first person to tweet while underwater. Television reporter Julia Gorodetskaya tweeted using a cell phone sealed in a plastic bag while scuba diving at the bottom of a 19-foot tank in a dolphinarium. This stunt was part of a Ukrainian mobile service provider's campaign to promote the quality of its network. We're not sure how well that mission was accomplished, since Gorodetskaya's phone was rigged with a special, extra-long antenna in order for this to work. Gorodetskaya did, though, successfully send four tweets during her dive. As translated into English, the first read: "This is first in history #underwater_tweet. I told you, @netocrat."

Admittedly, the underwater tweet is a fairly lame publicity stunt -- not a marquee moment in history. After all, Gorodetskaya was floating in an extra-large fish tank. We're waiting on the true final frontier of Twitter to be reached, like the top of Mt. Everest or the depths of the Mariana Trench. Until then, we'll greet all other extreme tweets with a yawn. [From: Tech Crunch]

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