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Verizon Wireless Claims Coverage in 233 Countries... Out of 192

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As of this moment, the U.N. recognizes 192 official countries in the entire world. The U.S. State Department is willing to acknowledge 194. If you ask Verizon Wireless, though, there are about 233 countries on Earth. How does Verizon know? Because that's how many countries it claims to cover on its Web site. The company also recently ran an ad featuring its trademark Verizon guy, in front of a group of global-looking people, and alongside a slogan that reads: "Coverage in the Bahamas. And more than 220 other countries."

The Consumerist asked the wireless company about its math, and Verizon responded by saying that it had counted Antarctica as a separate country, included a handful of occupied or controlled territories, and proclaimed the independence of four Chinese regions (which, we're guessing, probably wouldn't sit too well with China). Nebulous methodology aside, it's pretty clear to us that Verizon is simply thinking ahead of the curve -- in the way that any forward-thinking business should. These territories may not be sovereign now, but chances are that within the next couple of hundred years, there are bound to be a few revolutions here and there, right? And when the day comes that French Polynesia finally rises up against Nicolas Sarkozy, Verizon will be there. [From: The Consumerist, via: Geekosystem]

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