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Twitter Unleashes @Anywhere, Brings Tweets to the Rest of the Web

After debuting last month at SXSW, Twitter's @anywhere micro-blogging service has now gone live, thus allowing all Web publishers to integrate the platform directly into third party sites. As Mashable reports, @anywhere will also feature embedded login/signup boxes, follow buttons and tweet boxes -- all in the hopes of engaging users outside the borders of Twitter's actual site. As Twitter says on its blog, the @anywhere service is basically designed "for anyone who wants to build a little Twitter into their online experience."

Before yesterday's announcement, Twitter had already been working to get a handful of sites to implement @anywhere into their displays, including Mashable, The Huffington Post and CitySearch. And, based on initial feedback from these pre-selected clients, it seems like a pretty malleable tool that can complement a variety of digital media. The Guardian, for example, has been using @anywhere to directly connect its readers with political candidates running for parliamentary office. As the news site says, "This is a clear indication of how we're trying to lower barriers between our audience and those who hold power or seek to hold office, and between our readers and our journalists."

CitySearch, meanwhile, is using the service to help "users get a complete real-time snapshot of a merchant and, when they'd like, engage that merchant via Twitter directly from our site." Now that @anywhere's been released to the masses, it's certain to evolve over time; and, if it becomes as ubiquitous as Twitter hopes it will, it could very well alter the way in which we interact and engage with each other in public forums. [From: TwitterBlog and @anywhere, via: Mashable]

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