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Elderly, Drunk and Pregnant Warned of 3-D TV's Dangers

As you know, there's a bounty of 3-D TVs set to hit stores this year. Everybody's raving about the additional dimension, but nobody's talking much about the toll of watching hours of 3-D programming could have on your health. PC World found some interesting warnings on Samsung's Web site that bring to light some real questions. As it turns out, children, teenagers, old people, pregnant women and drunks might want to look away from the screen. Similarly, "those who are sleep deprived or under the influence of alcohol should avoid utilizing the unit's 3-D functionality." Samsung warns that watching in 3-D can lead to a laundry list of symptoms, ranging from altered vision, convulsions and cramps to dizziness, confusion and other treats. In other words, don't put a 3-D TV in a bar, maternity ward, nursing home or high school.

Bringing a 3-D TV into the house will just have you singing those 'Avatar' blues anyway. Nobody wants or needs that. Especially, when there's plenty of other depression-inducing technology laying around the house. [From: PC World and Samsung]

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