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Multitoe Touchscreen Floor Taps, Jumps and Wiggles Into The Future

foot touchscreen
Touch displays are awesome and all, but it sure takes a lot of effort to put your finger to the screen. Couldn't we just do it with our feet? Well, Professor Patrick Baudisch and his research team at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany have developed a multi-touch floor display called Multitoe, utilizing the concept of frustrated total internal reflection (we had to Wikipedia that one) that makes more conventional multi-touch systems work. But, basically, the team's floor is lit from beneath by a projection system that recognizes not only the sole pattern of a user's shoe, but also the posture of that user. It will ignore other users around while that user is actively using the system, or respond to both at the same time. Stomping, jumping and tapping your toes will cause the system to prompt you with a touch-enabled keyboard or drawing program.

The demo of the concept (video after the break) seems incredibly cool, but kind of crudely applicable. We could see a multi-touch floor being utilized for games or interactive exhibitions, say, at a museum or science center. Or even paired up with the absurdly interesting motion-capture tech at New York's SMALLab. Neat stuff! [From: Designboom, via: Engadget]

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