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Mobile Web to Overtake Desktop by 2015, Facebook Fans Worth $3.60

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Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect mobile Internet usage to surpass stationary browsing by 2015. According to Mary Meeker (Morgan's leading Web analyst), the mobile Web has grown at a significantly faster pace than desktop usage (such as dial up or broadband). With more and more people snatching up smartphones, though, most of this hardly comes as a shock. [From: Mashable and GigaOM]
  • Social media company Vitrue has discovered, through some complex number crunching, the worth of a Facebook fan. Every fan connected to a page is worth $3.60 (measured in ad impressions and mentions), though some companies' fans were worth more than others. We like to think Switched fans are worth the most. You're all a million bucks in our eyes. [From: AdWeek]
  • Brokerage firm DA Davidson was told by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to cough up $375,000 in fines for failing to protect user data. In 2007, the accounts and personal information of 192,00 customers were stolen by hackers. The company has already paid $1,000,000 in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the victims. Some quick math reveals each victim gets $7.16. You're welcome, victims of Latvian hackers. [From: Wired]
  • Google and a coalition of privacy advocated has stepped in to defend Yahoo! in a case against the Department of Justice (DoJ). Law enforcement officials have been trying to get Yahoo! to hand over user information, including the contents of personal e-mails. So far, the company has refused and told the DoJ it would require a search warrant signed by a judge. [From: CNET]
  • A clearly disturbed 14-year-old Russian boy smashed his father's head in with a sledgehammer after his parents tried to stop him from playing video games. At that point, according to Fox News, the boy's mother handed him back the keyboard and he returned to playing games until he fell asleep. The frightened mother eventually called police, and the boy is currently awaiting trial for murder. [From: Fox News]

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