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Webby's People's Voice Awards, the Oscars of the Internet, Announces Nominees

Now in its 14th year, the Webby's People's Voice Awards celebrate excellence, humor, innovation and talent... on the Net. Nominees were announced this morning, and from Isabella Rosellini's amusing and sensual "Green Porno" to The Onion News Network's freaking hilarious coverage of "Sony's New Stupid Piece of...," the Webby's rely on audience votes, viral schemes and general hype to tally votes. Voting opens today, so rush over to let your voice be heard. Nominees (and the ability to choose your favorites) are available at

Yet, perhaps the most gratifying part of The Webby's (unlike its prime time, Oscar's and Grammy's brethren) are the brief, poignant five-word award acceptance speeches, given in the past by recipients like Al Gore and Trent Reznor. If you want to hear Lindsay Lohan thank the world for her too-close-for-comfort fake eHarmony profile, go vote now. And although Switched isn't nominated this year, keep an eye out for us. We're coming for you, Webbys. Our five-word acceptance speech is prepped. [Note: Doesn't start with the word, "Shazam!" We swear.]

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