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Facebook Overhauls Safety Center, Loads it With Good Advice

Facebook wants you to know it takes your online safety very seriously. So seriously, in fact, it has launched a completely redesigned Safety Center, dedicated to offering tips, tricks and advice on how to keep yourself, your children and others free from danger while enjoying the wonders of social networking.

The center, with tips for general protocol, as well as categories dedicated to parents, students, educators and law enforcement, aggregates content from around Facebook and the rest of the Web authored by experts on security and privacy. The members of the Facebook Safety Advisory Board, including Childnet International, the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) and WiredSafety, help build this repository of content that offers everything from basic instructions on how to report offensive content, to advice on how to handle a vindictive ex who has hijacked your profile.

The depth of information provided is surprising and we highly recommend everyone take at least a few minutes to peruse some of the advice. It may seem obvious (like don't give your password to anyone), but it can't hurt to reinforce good habits. [From: Facebook]

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