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Bank Builds Judge Dredd-esque Robot Army to Guide Visitors

What's the ideal tour guide through one of the largest banks in the world? A sleek and shiny red robot, of course. According to Engadget, Santander's Group City in Madrid enlisted YDreams to craft a fleet of robots to help visitors around the nine massive buildings that make up the bank's complex and that house about 5,500 employees.

Upon entering the bank's visitor center, you walk up to a kiosk and select your language and destination. After that, a knee-high robot will roll over and take you where you need to go. These robots can interact with each other and with human visitors, so the idea is that you won't get lost or bump into anything. But YDreams didn't stop there. The team also designed an interactive wall in the visitors center that presents all of the global financial information you could ever want. Plus, the company even built an augmented reality model of the entire Santander complex, just in case you'd prefer to navigate the halls alone.

The economic downturn and banking crisis must not have hit too hard in Madrid. How else could a bank afford an army of robots to roll around its city-sized complex? While all that bank-bailout business has irked us, we'd bite our tongues if it meant we could try out some technology like this next time we needed to cash a check. [From: Engadget and YDreams]

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