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Teen Sues Facebook-Stalking Mother

Dealing with intrusive parents and family members on social networking sites certainly poses a difficult dilemma. Faced with such a predicament, a 16-year-old in Arkansas has apparently grown so disturbed by his mother's Facebook activity that he is reportedly suing the woman. The unnamed youth lives with his maternal grandmother and believes that Facebook comments made by his mother, Denise New, were slanderous and deserving of a harassment charge. Due to his age, the prosecutor hasn't released exact details, but it seems like Facebook is the least of this family's worries.

The teen has also requested that New be forbidden from contacting him, but, according to the Huffington Post, the woman contends that "she has the legal right to monitor her son's activities online" (video after the break). New plans to fight the charges, but given the boy's age of 16, and typical judicial parenting decisions, she might be wise to just back off a bit. No one likes a social networking stalker, and further "harassment" might result in irreparable damage to their relationship, or, at least, a lost "friend." [From: The Huffington Post and KATV]

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