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Genius Smack Dealers Send Stray SMS to Narc

We gather that street-level drug dealers are not, on average, your typical Mensa candidates; however constantly navigating a criminal underworld with intent to distribute must require some level of savvy. So we suggest that, when the three New York residents who were busted after sending an errant text message to a drug task force officer get out of prison, they log on to and find a new line of work. Crystal Mazzella, Quamian Hardy and Leo Thompson were arrested on March 31st after one of them accidentally sent the officer a text message that could only have been a thinly-veiled suggestion of for-sale heroin. They later met him with 60 bags of the junky stuff in tow, much to the delight of police.

We could understand all this (maybe?) if these pushers were just now dipping their toes into the narcotic black market, and had mistakenly transposed the number of a potential dime-bag client. But who would offer to sell so much smack via text to someone they don't know well enough to have his real number? C'mon you guys, haven't you ever watched 'The Wire'? [From:]

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