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Vimeo's Blake Whitman Talks HD Video, DSLRs and Web Communities

Since its launch in 2004, the video-sharing site Vimeo has chosen a very different path from the YouTubes and Hulus of the world. Cleaner and calmer, Vimeo puts its focus on ease of use, creativity and community. We dropped by its headquarters in New York City to speak with Blake Whitman, Director of Community and Product, about the site and its role in nurturing the explosion of HD content on the Web.

While the comments on any given YouTube video tend to make us doubt the future of our species, Vimeo has nurtured a community of millions that is refreshingly positive about online video. Vimeo's introduction of HD, rare on the Web in 2007, helped to show that HD was viable, driving YouTube and others to follow suit. New HD-capable DSLRs like the Canon T2i, 7D, 5D Mark II and Nikon D3 are making it cheap and easy for enthusiasts to experiment with pro-quality video. Of course, the living room still remains to be conquered, but Blake confirms that Vimeo is working on it. As usual, expect trail-blazing from the site... and check out our interview after the break.


Vimeo Player Tour

We've always been a big fan of the minimalist Vimeo player, and Blake walked us through the thought that went into its design.

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