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Teen Helps Recycle Over 300,000 Pounds of E-Waste

At just 16-years old, Rhode Island teen Alex Lin has leaped to the forefront of the e-waste dilemma. According to Take Part, Lin has overseen the recycling of more than 300,000 pounds of discarded electronics through legislation, recycling programs, computer-refurbishing centers and plain old hard work.

We've told you before about the mounting problem of disposing old computers, cell phones and other electronic devices. But, rather than just tackle this issue in one way, Lin used a multifaceted approach. First, back in 2004, he and his friends started the Westerly Innovations Network (WIN), which partnered with a local business to start regular recycling drives that now collect around 5,000 pounds of e-waste each month. But soon afterward, Lin realized that properly disposing of electronics, which often contain metals that can be hazardous to the environment, wasn't the only solution. With that in mind, he paired up with the Westerly School System to create a computer-refurbishing program, giving computers to 300 low-income students in the area. As if that wasn't enough, this kid successfully lobbied the Rhode Island State Legislature to pass a bill that makes it illegal to dump electronics and also requires manufacturers to take back old gadgets and pay the collection and recycling fees.

Now, he's spreading the word about the dangers of e-waste in developing nations like Cameroon, Sri Lanka and Kenya. In other words, Lin is like a 'green' version of Superman. His efforts certainly make us feel like we wasted our high school years. [From: Take Part]

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