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HP Reminds Us They Have a Tablet, Too

HP Reminds Us They Have a Tablet Too
Apple may have made a big splash with the iPad this weekend, but HP wasn't about to sit quietly on the sidelines and let the Cupertino boys hog the spotlight. We first caught a glimpse of the HP Slate at CES, and the manufacturer (with a little help from Adobe) has yet to pass up a chance to take pot-shots at Apple's netpad-light, over-sized iPhone, toy-tablet device.

The latest comes in the form of a short promo video subtly highlighting many of the features that the HP Slate has and the iPad doesn't, such as USB ports and expandable storage via SD cards. We now know that the Slate will also pack a pair of cameras -- one rear-mounted for taking photos and video (we assume), and a front-facing Web cam for placing video calls. Let's see this guy do that with his iPad.

Engadget makes the interesting point that it would be possible to sync the iPad with the HP Slate, wreaking untold havoc upon the space time continuum. We imagine it would look something like this. Check out the video below. [From: Engadget]

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