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Geminoid-F: Your Creepy Fembot of the Week

Robot designer Hiroshi Ishiguro has a flair for creepy, wax-figure verisimilitude. Ishiguro has invented an entirely new distribution curve for the Uncanny Valley, hanging steadily in the middle of both the appealing/unappealing and endearing/frightening axes. A couple years back, Ishiguro created a robot version of himself (well, more of an evil twin), and now he's come up with an uncanny sibling in the form of Geminoid-F.

Gem makes subtle facial gestures, and moves in more life-like ways than any humanoid robot we've seen (video after the break), but, then again, we've primarily been looking at the Roxxxy sex doll and that dentists' practice patient bot. (Would the dream fembot combine the Geminoid-F, Roxxxy and the spitting dentist robot? So, when you ask your Kinky Courtney bot to get sassy with you, she'll spit in your eye before bionically karate-chopping your spine?) Anyway, at a cost of over $100K, only hospitals and robotics researchers are looking into buying the Geminoid-F.

Still, there's definitely some humanity lacking in Geminoid-F. Although she looks realistic and could pass as a person in a fleeting glance, her facial articulations look like they're struggling through a heavy layer of Botox. That is to say, she's a little stiff and, well, robotic. That, we hope, will be the tip-off if you see one of these coming at you with a soothing monotone and an icepick. [From: Engadget]

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