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The iPad Arrives: Our Review of the Reviews

User reviews of the iPad have started to emerge, and, contrary to what many expected, they're generally pretty positive. While initial impressions run the gamut from pleasantly surprised to downright effusive, the overarching theme seems to be the same: the iPad is just different. Occupying a strange space between laptop and e-reader, the iPad, as the Houston Chronicle's Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus says, is "an entirely new mobile device... a new arrow in your technology quiver." The Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg concurs, calling the iPad "much more than an e-book or digital periodical reader," and "far more than just a big iPhone." The Root's Omar Wasow sums it up as simply "a computer without all the distractions."

As for the user experience, many described it as uniquely enjoyable, and some made it out to be almost divine. For Andy Ithnatko, of the Chicago Sun-Times, "the iPad user experience is instantly compelling and elegant," while the New York Times' David Pogue finds the touchscreen-based navigation to be "a completely new experience -- and a deeply satisfying one." Many also reported that the battery-life far exceeded even Apple's claims, and that the device's custom processor allowed for what Mossberg calls "wicked fast" manipulation. The enlarged screen, according to reviews, enhances both digital media consumption and Web surfing, while the built-in speaker delivered surprisingly good sound quality.
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I'm waiting to check out the rest of this year's deluge of tablets before making my decision.1222 (35.1%)

Most testers were quick to point out the immediately recognizable drawbacks: no multi-tasking capabilities, no built-in webcam, and Safari Flash support that left much to be desired. But even these shortcomings, it seems, have only fueled anticipation and excitement for how the iPad might evolve. Though the device currently runs almost all of the 150,000 apps available on the iPhone, Apple plans to release about 1,000 specially designed iPad apps in time for this Saturday's launch, leading BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin to speculate that "maybe the most exciting thing about the iPad is the apps that aren't here yet." Impressive a debut as it is, Jardin's quick to point out: "It's the things I never knew it made possible -- to be revealed or not in the coming months -- that will determine whether I love it." [From: GizModo and AllThingsDigital]

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