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Google Renames Itself Topeka, Continues Flood of April Fool's Jokes

Google Becomes Topeka, Continues Flood of April Fool's Jokes
A month ago, the mayor of Topeka, Kansas changed the city's name (temporarily) to 'Google, Kansas' in a bid to become one of the test beds for the company's Fiber for Communities project. The search giant responded in kind today; visiting will reveal a change in names from 'Google' to 'Topeka.'

The April Fool's Day-obsessed Web giant posted a lengthy explanation on its official blog explaining that it was so moved by Topeka/Google mayor Bill Bunten's move that it felt compelled to show its kinship through the name change. The extremely over-thought joke goes so far as to draw parallels between Topeka being the "jumping off point" for the United States' expansion west, and Google's position as a jumping off point for the Web. The company even provides a handy guide for replacing "Google" in your daily vocabulary with "Topeka" (as in, "I topeka'ed myself for fun").

Our least favorite day for tech news continues, and more Google pranks are certainly on the way (check out some of the better ones in the gallery below). Keep an eye out for standard voicemail from Google Voice, Google Maps in 3-D, TEXTp videos from YouTube and new notification tools from Google Wave. We're amazed the company gets anything done with the amount of work put into its April Fool's pranks. [From: Google]

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