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3-D Shroud of Turin Ticks Off Church Officials

Coming this spring:
His mother was a virgin.
He was the son of God.
He died for your sins.
And on the third day he was resurrected...
In 3-D!

That's what a group of monks in Turin, Italy is hoping will entice pilgrims to stop in their book shop and spend some dough on their way to see the Shroud of Turin. In what officials from the Catholic Church have suggested is a crass commercialization of a significant religious artifact, the Salesian order of monks is planning to sell 3-D glasses to religious tourists. The glasses, designed by Bruno Fabbiani from Turin Polytechnic, theoretically reveal details of the shroud normally invisible to the naked eye.

The monks are selling the glasses for $2.50 a pair. But the commission in charge of the shroud told the Times of London that experts have worked hard to provide "the best view possible" of the faint imprint, and that it "cannot be improved with artificial aids."

We think these monks might be on to something, though. Maybe instead of displaying the shroud discreetly in a glass case under museum-like conditions, it should be broadcast in 3-D on a stadium jumbotron. You'd swear that crown of thorns was going to cut you. [From: Times Online, via: Fox News]

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