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Avast, Ye Scoundrels! Warner Bros. Be Lookin' For Scurvy Spies

Want to be hated by every kid in your dorm, forever and ever? Well, Warner Bros. is offering the internship of your dreams. For the not-unreasonable-for-an-undergrad sum of $26,000 per annum, the Bros. want "IT literate" interns to double-cross their crimethinking media pirate roomies by issuing takedown requests for WB and NBC/Universal properties. You're sure to be the apple of Big Brother's all-seeing-eye as you turn informer on scores of treacherous MP3-loving students who only seek to bring down The Party.

Interns will be responsible for monitoring forums and torrent sites for pirated content, "maintaining and developing bots for Internet link scanning system[s]," and collecting info on known infringers. (TorrentFreak was able to grab the full internship description [.PDF] from the University of Manchester.) Either in dire need of cheap and local labor, or just trying to plant spies in known pirating hot-spots, WB's choice to go with student personnel leaves us worried about our friends and loved ones turning us in for imposing on the prolefeed. [From: TorrentFreak, via: Geekosystem]

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