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Shaoxing, China Identified as World's Malware Center

According to a recent report by Symantec Corp., the city of Shaoxing, China produces more malware attacks than any other place on this planet. While that might not be a huge surprise, it's shocking just how many of those attacks come from Shaoxing, a city of 4.3 million, and once known for its calligraphy and bridges. While China leads the world with 30-percent of the world's malware, about 21.3-percent of the country's share comes from Shaoxing. That's more than both Taipei (16.5-percent) and London (14.8-percent). According to the Times Online, Symantec reports that most of the Shaoxing malware targets Asian defense policy experts and human-rights activists.

Next up in the rankings of countries, Romania claimed about 21.1-percent of the world's malware, most of which is aimed at scamming businesses. The U.S. accounted for about 13.8-percent, making it the world's third largest producer of malware, a number certainly not helped by the availability of DIY malware kits. If you're feeling particularly curious (or bored), feel free to browse through Symantec's entire report (PDF), and decide for yourself. [From: Engadget and Symantec]

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