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FOX News Alienates Apple, eBay offering Fashion 'Flash Sale' Today

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....

  • Glenn Beck's increasingly inflammatory methods of inspiring viewer hysteria are taking a serious toll on the show's advertising possibilities. According to the Washington Post, more than 200 prominent companies are boycotting Beck's rhetoric, and Apple is actually avoiding FOX News as a whole. But, maybe that's what happens when college dropouts try to comport themselves as serious journalists and political pundits. [From: The Hollywood Reporter]
  • eBay's quest to diversify its online retail business is taking a major leap today, with a "flash sale" of goods from the French Connection Group. (No, it's not a Turkish drug cartel.) The Monday event (set to begin at 11 a.m., EST) will offer various "buy it now" items marked down by as much as 50-percent. [From: The Business Journal]
  • This coming Saturday, consumers will finally be able to experience the Apple iPad -- aside from those unlucky shoppers who decided to utilize the so-called "pre-order" option over the weekend. People who pre-ordered the device after March 27th will actually be forced to wait till a week after the official April 3rd release date because of an ambiguous shipping delay. [From: Apple and USA Today]
  • Wireless firms have been bombarding consumers with various campaigns touting the benefits and capabilities of their 3G and 4G networks. To help inform the public on what, exactly, those networks provide, Ars Technica is providing an incredibly detailed rundown, including specific reasons why 4G is not just about quality (speed), but also about quantity (capacity). [From: Ars Technica]
  • Topeka, Kansas recently changed its name to Google, Kansas in an effort to become a pioneering member of Google's developmental fiber-optic network. More than 1,000 other communities have also come up with wacky campaigns to become a Googleton community, and -- according to a new map pinpointing the various locations -- the Atlantic Seaboard is hosting some serious Googlemania. [From: Engadget]

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