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Live Nation Fighting Ticket Scalpers With Digital Wristbands

In an effort to combat ticket fraud, the world's largest concert promoter, Live Nation, is testing digital wristbands that could replace paper tickets. According to BBC News, the wristbands, which have already been used at small music festivals in the U.K., come loaded with a unique "smart chip." By preloading the chips with personal information, Live Nation ensures music fans don't purchase a counterfeit ticket from an online broker, a fate that has befallen one in 12 people in the U.K. Not confined to Britain, ticket counterfeiting is indeed a worldwide problem; we told you earlier this month of a massive online ticket scam here in the U.S., in which cyber-savvy scammers scooped up mass quantities of tickets to major events.

If successful, Live Nation might implement the technology at other venues, but, even if digital wristbands fail, there are other ways to ensure you're not scammed. Only buy from a legitimate ticketing site, like Ticketmaster, or better yet, directly from the band's Web site.

Truthfully, the only demographic this tactic might negatively affect would be the underage crowd. Sorry kids, but it's going to get a little tougher to sneak into those 21-and-up shows with a smart chip snapped on your wrist. Believe it or not, your digital information would raise even more red flags than a fake ID that says you're 37 and living in Vermont. [From: BBC News]

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