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Facebook to Let You 'Like' the Entire Web

Facebook is getting ready to blanket the entire Web with its "like" functionality. According to TechCrunch, The Good Book will soon introduce tools for Web publishers to add deeper integration with Facebook. Though it may be the largest social network to spread across the Web, Twitter announced earlier this month at SXSW @anywhere, a similar idea that radically simplifies sharing Web content on Twitter.

Though details are still slim on how exactly "like" will integrate with sites, it's essentially a way for Facebook to move beyond its blue borders. It will probably be unveiled as part of the company's upcoming Open Graph API (application programming interface) toolset at the F8 Developer Conference in April. Facebook describes the tools as a way for Web publishers and developers to "enable the transformation of any Web page so it functions similar to a Facebook Page."

If content publishers sign on, Facebook will be able to gather user "likes," conversations and traffic across the wider Web -- data that is extremely valuable to advertisers. Nick Saint at Silicon Alley Insider explains, "Facebook would essentially be stamping its brand on the entire Web. It would also be in a better position to take on Google with an ad network of its own." For Web publishers, Facebook is increasingly a vital traffic source, and easing the difficulty of sharing with friends will only serve to drive additional traffic and interactivity.

We may have to wait for the F8 Conference to get all the details. Here's hoping that, at the same time, Facebook finally unveils a "dislike" button too. [From: TechCrunch]

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