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Tiny Korg Monotron Synth Makes Our Must Have List

Tiny Korg Monotron Synth Makes Our Must Have List
Dear Santa,
We know it's quite a bit early, but we wanted to make sure we got our request in before all the other little boys and girls (who haven't been nearly as good as us, by the way). While everyone else is asking for PlayStation 3s and world peace, all we want is the Korg Monotron.

The moment we saw video of the pocketable analog synth from the Musikmesse conference in Frankfurt, Germany we knew we had to have one. In addition to to being a real analog synthesizer with controls for VCO, VCF, and LFO, it manages to squeeze the same analog filter found in the classic Korg MS-10 and MS-20 into a package small enough to be held in the palm of our hand. The built-in speaker and ribbon keyboard mean we can bang out squelchy melodies on the go, but the input and output jacks let us manipulate any instrument and pump the thick tones out through a larger amp or speaker system. The best part is that if your elves can't build one, it should cost less than $70 when it becomes available in May.

We've included some videos below so you can make sure it's an appropriate gift. Maybe you'll even decide to get one for yourself. We just hope we've been good enough to find one of these AAA-powered noisemakers under the tree in nine months.

[From: Korg and Music Radar, via: Engadget]

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