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Manic YouTube Show 'Fred' Gets Nickelodeon Backed Feature Film

If you're under the age of 15, you probably have no idea who or what "Fred" is. But the kids, they love that dang high-pitched YouTube character created by 16-year-old Lucas Cruikshank from Nebraska.

Fred Figglehorn, the fictional six-year-old played by Lucas in the Web series, would drive many adults to puncture their eardrums, but apparently leaves a younger audience in stitches. Nickelodeon is hoping that the character, and his bipolar, chipmunk-voiced ramblings will translate into a profitable film franchise. A first feature length has already been filmed and will debut this summer on the home of 'Dora the Explorer' and 'SpongeBob.'

Nickelodeon's president, Cyma Zarghami, told the New York Times that the company had been tracking Fred's popularity on the Web for some time and it has shown no signs of abating. The network has already committed to a second feature length -- potentially a Christmas special. Parents out there who know what's good for them (and their children) will block Nickelodeon until this menace returns to the bowels of the Internet from whence it came. [From: New York Times]

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