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Nintendo 3DS to Add New Dimension to Mobile Gaming Sans Dorky Glasses

According to Joystiq, a press release (.PDF) on Nintendo's Japanese Web site says the company will release a 3-D handheld console that won't require wearing special glasses within the next year in Japan. Temporarily named 'Nintendo 3DS,' the console will also be backwards compatible with Nintendo DS and DSi games, so you won't have to toss out your old collection. Otherwise, details are pretty scarce at this time: No pictures or sketches. We're not sure how Nintendo plans on pulling off 3-D gaming without glasses, but Joystiq speculates that the 3DS may have a movement sensor and use head-tracking.

The Big N stated it will reveal much more about the console at the E3 2010 game conference in June. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a playable version, but, until then, all gamers will just have to be patient. It also wouldn't hurt to say a prayer or two. After all, Nintendo's last foray into 3-D gaming wasn't exactly a home run. (Remember the Virtual Boy?) [From: Joystiq]

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