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Seattle Ranks as America's Most Dangerous City... Online

Seattle Is America's Most Dangerous City Online
Symantec, maker of the Norton line of security products, conducted a study in which it analyzed the number of cyber-attacks, malware infections, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other factors in order to determine the 50 riskiest online cities. Not surprisingly, Forbes magazine's 2009 most wired city is Symantec's 2010 riskiest city. Seattle, Washington was the most vulnerable city by a large margin, thanks to its ranking in the top ten for every individual metric. It ranked second for both risky behavior and Wi-Fi hotspots, and sixth for number of cyber-attacks per capita.

The overall number two spot was occupied by Boston, with Washington, D.C. landing in third place. Surprisingly, the States' most populous city, New York, came in at 24th place, meaning we must be doing something right here in the Big Apple. Hit the source link to check out the rest of the list, and to see how well (or poorly) your own hometown fares against the competition. [From: Symantec, Via: Fox News]

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