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Street View Captures Boozing Super Heroes in the U.K.

Monitoring Google's Street View for serendipitous moments of ridiculousness provides seemingly infinite possibilities for hilarity, depravity, and eccentricity. A recent event captured by the Street View mobile on a remote Scottish island actually intertwines all of those aspects into one incredibly awesome shot.

The picture clearly portrays a gathering of masked superheroes at a local pub as they prepare to unleash their heroic fury on evil pint glasses of beer. This league of extraordinarily geeky gentlemen definitely features some interesting and odd characters, though. (Wouldn't Captain Britain be a little more appropriate than Captain America? And, Aquaman? Dude, he is sooooo lame.)

Unfortunately, while the superheroes were getting sloshed, evildoers were able to run rampant through the streets of Brighton and the West Midlands. The Street View vehicle remarkably captured a thieving seagull in midflight as it escaped with the chip of a starving, innocent Brightoner. And in the West Midlands, the Street View crew managed to escape unscathed -- while bravely snapping away -- as a monstrous and massive pair of pliers rampaged through the streets (sorta).

Alright superheroes, that should serve as a resounding last call. Now get back to restoring order and harmony to the Street View universe! [From: Gizmodo and The Daily Mail]

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