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'New Password' E-mail Scam Plagues Facebook Members

If you get an e-mail with a subject line that reads, "Facebook password reset confirmation customer support," you can just go ahead and hit the delete button. That's because, if you open it, you may fall prey to the latest scam to hit Facebook, and divulge intensely personal password or banking information. The malicious e-mail bears an attachment that, the message claims, contains your new Facebook password. What it really contains, though, is a form of malware that can swipe not only your real Facebook password, but rather any username and password combination stored on your computer.

The careful reader will notice a few tell-tale signs of the e-mail's inauthenticity; Facebook never sends out e-mails like these, and even if it did, it wouldn't use the awkward grammar and lazy punctuation that are all over these messages. Clearly, though, enough people are falling for it to warrant concern. According to McAfee labs, this e-mail has become the "sixth most prevalent piece of malware targeting consumers in the last 24 hours." McAfee also estimates that tens of millions of malicious e-mails have been sent out across Europe, the U.S. and Asia since the pestilence began on Tuesday. Considering that there are about 400 million users on Facebook, McAfee malware expert Dave Marcus estimates that hackers could successfully infect millions of computers. As he told Reuters, "If you get 10-percent success, that's 40 million." So, just be careful about it, and don't let your computer be one of them. [From: McAfee; via: CNET and Reuters]

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