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Google Nexus One Available on All Four Major U.S. Carriers Soon

Back in January, T-Mobile became the first carrier to have the honor of supporting Google's Nexus One. Verizon customers were promised that the Nexus One would be available to them by the end of 2010, but Android-loving customers at AT&T and Sprint were left with a bad case of Google envy. That changed this week, though, and, now, everyone (at least everyone in the U.S.) will be able to get in on the party.

First, on Monday, the rest of the world met a version of the high-end Android handset compatible with both AT&T and the Canadian provider Rogers. Then, just 24 hours later, Sprint announced that it too would be getting the Google-branded smartphone "soon." That means the unlocked Nexus One will soon be available, open software platform in tow, for all four of the major U.S. cellular carriers.

The Nexus One is available now on AT&T for the unsubsidized price of $529, but Sprint customers are currently left in limbo, waiting for an official announcement of availability and pricing. Getting the top-of-the-line Android handset on all the major carriers is just another feather in the cap of Google, and one more advantage it has over the iPhone. [From: Engadget and Engadget]

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