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RosettaStone Communicates With Your Descendants and Aliens From the Grave

When we hear "Rosetta Stone," we think of the language learning software or the ancient artifact that proved to be the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs. But if you turn that phrase into one word and give it a little Web 2.0 style camel-casing -- "RosettaStone" -- then you're actually talking about a futuristic gravestone accessory... and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

RosettaStone, from a company called Objecs, is a granite slab that is equipped with small near-field communication (NFC) to be affixed to your funerary monument of choice. A form of RFID, NFC technology works only at close range -- about an inch or less, to be exact. With it, the RosettaStone passes information about the deceased to properly enabled cell phones (or whatever device our descendants will be using), transmitting photos, a message and a basic biography.

The $225 iPod-sized rock is also inscribed with "life symbols" which convey information about the person without the need for RFID or even a comprehension of earthly languages. These pictographs can identify the deceased as a parent, a husband, a writer, a runner, a Christian, a Muslim, or even a career criminal (illustrated by the silhouette of a man holding onto bars), among plenty of other options.

The NFC technology that allows mourners to access the dead's information by tapping the RosettaStone isn't yet commonplace in the U.S. But, it will likely arrive on cell phones soon, though, but as a key to paying for goods via your handset. [From: Discovery News]

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