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Facebook Launching Camera-Friendly QR Codes for Profiles and Statuses

Facebook Launching QR Codes For Profiles and Statuses

While there's been no official announcement and we've yet to see it pop up on our profiles, Facebook may have a camera-friendly trick up its sleeve. According to reports on Twitter and tipsters at TechCrunch, the social network has started enabling QR codes, or camera phone-enabled 'bar codes,' for profile and status links.

The QR code links appear on the left-hand side under the user photo, and offer quick ways to view status messages or profiles from a cell phone. According to reports on Twitter, the links don't appear to be functional yet, and Facebook gave TechCrunch a generic non-response that read: "We're always testing various features on the site, but we have nothing more to share at this time." Facebook did not reply to our request for comment.

The QR codes could come in handy -- particularly for businesses who would be able to point customers to Facebook pages by simply embedding the codes in TV and print ads. The boxes may also show up on the business cards of those who use Facebook to keep in touch with colleagues, but we can't see them being of too much use to your average frat boy. [From: TechCrunch]

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