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Netflix to Let Users 'Watch Instantly' on Windows Phone 7 Series

Netflix to Let Users Watch Instantly on Windows Phone 7 Series
Earlier today at MIX10, Microsoft made some announcements about, and gave away demos of, the much-hyped Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S). An impressive list of promised developers, including the Associated Press, Namco, Sling, and Pandora, ensures that the new smartphone OS will hit the ground running.

The attractive 3-D games and location-based apps were all nice, but were to be expected. The app that made our collective jaws drop? Netflix. Attractive and very red, it intuitively integrated into the WP7S Metro interface design. Then, in an effort to push the crowd from excited to frenzied, presenters played an episode of 'Rescue Me.' Via Netflix's "Watch Instantly." On the Windows phone. We nearly fainted.

Stop and think about that for a moment: You're waiting your turn at the DMV, with no hope of getting out of there anytime soon. You want to watch some '30 Rock,' but forgot to buy and download the last season. With your WP7S, you'll be able to pull up TV shows and movies from Netflix to stream over 3G.

The iPhone has officially been put on notice. [From: Engadget]

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