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Fandango and Debut Mobile Tickets for Your Phone

Does anyone still buy paper movie tickets from a physical box office in person anymore? Maybe it's because we happen to run in tech-savvy circles, but we can't remember the last time we didn't purchase tickets online and print them out later at the theater's dedicated kiosks. Giving an unexpected present to the planet, both Fandango and have streamlined the process even further by letting moviegoers go paperless.

After buying tickets online, customers will receive an SMS, MMS or e-mail message containing a link to an online bar code. With the aid of dedicated on-site scanners, employees will only need to verify the code as displayed on your phone. That means no physical ticket. Effectively eliminating lines at both kiosks and the box office, patrons can head directly to the actual screening room.

Fandango has begun rolling out the program at a handful of theaters in Texas, California, Hawaii and New York City.'s program is currently limited to theaters in Chicago. While we're happy for the environment and all, we only begrudgingly realize that we'll no longer be able to sneak our friends into the zillionth 'Avatar' showing by handing them someone else's ticket. Oh well... there's always BitTorrent. [From: TechCrunch and Film Journal]

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