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Digg Teases New Design, Promises One-Click Diggs, Faster Site

Yesterday at SXSW's "Bigg Digg Shindigg" event at Stubb's BBQ, Digg announced that it had been working on a complete redesign of its popular social recommendation site. Digg CEO Jay Adelson told attendees that the project (involving more customizable and relevant home pages, faster site, and new user features) has been five years in the making.

The next version of Digg promises a significantly streamlined one-click story submission process -- it's still relatively involved, requiring diggers to add tags, headlines, and descriptions. The speed improvements, described by Digg's Steve French as "blazing," could be a huge improvement for regular users; the site hasn't seen many speed gains over the years. Adelson also detailed how users will no longer need to login to the site: "[for] Digg buttons, you no will longer have to log in to click that Digg button. There will be instant Digging. If you're on another Web site, you click that button, [and] there's no more waiting."

No word yet on when Digg 2.0 will be rolled out, but you can sign up for the alpha (hopefully opening soon) over at [From: DownloadSquad and Digg]

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