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'Minima' Game Decimates Productivity, 10 Seconds at a Time

In terms of procrastination, the Web (sometimes dangerously) offers unlimited possibilities. When discussing such methods of slack, two of the most entertaining avenues would arguably be (for the porn lovers and Facebook junkies, at least) tripping out with optical illusions and killing time with flash games.

While free flash games have helped tech-based slacking evolve from simple pursuits like solitaire, they're still somewhat limited in their graphics, action and gameplay. A recent influx of flash-based time-wasters, though, is embracing and celebrating that basic approach, including the appropriately named 'Minima Time.'

Players begin with a mere 10-seconds but, simply using three buttons, they can stretch that modicum of time by collecting clocks and shifting time. Starting with only 10-seconds may sound "meh," but the top-ranked gamers on the leaderboard have somehow managed to turn that fraction of a minute into an entire hour.

The game is certainly addictive, so you may want to turn that hypnotizing background music down because the minutes (and maybe hours) will easily melt away. But, then again, isn't that the point? [From: Newgrounds]

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