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'Wired ReRead' Is a Time Machine of Geek Culture for Nerds

As postmodern society accelerates, we look back with greater and greater fervor. Nostalgia, not for decades past but for mere months back, informs us of who we are and whence we come. Reminiscence helps us to situate ourselves in history.

But also, it helps us to make fun of ourselves! Danish tech fan Theis Søndergaard recently launched Wired ReRead after flipping through back issues of Condé Nast's incredibly influential tech mag, and the "vintage" ads he's posted from the early- and mid-'90s will make you slap your knee in fond recollection of MiniDiscs and Newtons. Søndergaard claims on this site that he's not simply trying to be cheeky, and is trying "to put the past into perspective." But check out the haircuts on these people! We have many lessons to learn from history.

Unfortunately, Condé's iron-clad protection of its copyrights prevents Søndergaard from reprinting 'Wired' articles, so it's really just a collection of print ads. (Not that we're faulting Condé Nast for bulwarking its existing properties, considering their recent slew of foldings.) We've had some serious flashbacks on the site, all the same. Remember playing 'Dark Forces?' Or the promise of IBM's OS/2 Warp? We do -- and now we feel old. [From: Wired ReRead]

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