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German Couple Creates a 'Super Mario' Room

Creative geek couples frequently celebrate their nerd-love through incredibly dorky methods. From 8-bit wedding invitations to 'Super Mario' proposals, video game aficionados love to honor their unions of nerdity through festive and colorful tributes.

Although we Switched folk are still partial to this incredible and intensive labor of love (which was bestowed upon one of our own), a couple in Germany is providing some serious competition in the arena of romance. Neatorama fan Dennis, and his mechanical engineer girlfriend Judith, have designed and crafted an awe-inspiring 'Super Mario' room. The unique, homemade decorations include question-mark prize boxes, appropriate wall paintings, and a trash can turned warp pipe.

The room and the furnishings are definitely awesome, but, seriously though, no overalls? C'mon, Dennis and Judith -- that puffy shirt is just too ridiculously dorky (the rest of the room notwithstanding). [From: Neatorama]

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