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Cold War Bunker Goes for $31K on eBay, Resembles Post-Apocalyptic Hell

When we think about a country retreat in England, we picture a small cottage surrounded by beautiful gardens and a moss-covered stone wall. But apparently, that's too idealistic and the real housing market is much more underground -- literally.

According to an Associated Press report posted on CBS News, an unnamed person bought a rural nuclear bunker Monday that was built during the Cold War. This shelter, located about 160 miles northwest of London, sold for $31,000 to an unidentified bidder, clearly hoping for the apocalypse so their investment doesn't go to pot. Built in 1959 by the Royal Observer Corps, it has two bedrooms, a telephone, a chemical toilet, and several air shafts that lead 15-feet up to the surface. Sounds cozy, right? We're assuming there's also plenty of shelf space for your favorite canned foods, which should help you survive until it's safe to return topside.

This isn't the first we've heard about bomb shelters becoming en vogue again. There are still more listings for other nuclear refuges on eBay. But the whole idea is still sort of puzzling [Ed. Note: Claustrophobic editor Leila Brillson is given the absolute heebie-jeebies by this British bunker]. We'd rather take our chances up top instead of being trapped in a concrete hole. [From: AP/CBS News]

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